Hiya! My name is Elysia, welcome to my corner of the world wide web!

This is my personal space to post little blurbs that aren’t limited to 280 characters, much longer blurbs that won’t be cut off by [more], and my creative work that I don’t have to worry if it goes against TOS.
As you can tell, I’m tired of social media haha.

I started focusing on this site again in January 2023 and look forward to adding content here 🥳


Last Site Update: August 12 2023

Updated the KoiKin Dragon page so the content displays nicer, shows an overall dragon count and a leaderboard page.

As I removed GAnalytics from the site, I added a simple little counter on the footer – reminds me of the old web! Just need a guest book now haha

🗨️ MICRO | August 13, 2023, 1:07 am

Changed one line of code on the website which unknowingly broke some CSS.

So over the course of an hour, I’d noticed small details – links not having underlines, bold/italics not working, the search bar form missing. “That’s odd” I thought, as I added a few lines of CSS in places I couldn’t recall writing before.

Then while clicking around the site, I finally realized one of the MAIN details – the fish and flower images – were missing which finally tipped me off something was definitely wrong *facepalm*

Luckily I found the culprit pretty quick but dang, I feel like I would’ve noticed that straight away LOL

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