Today we’re over 9000! 😤 So exciting to hit this milestone and to think that over 9,000 people have decided to click that follow button over the years!

Oh I uh.. only now noticed my Twitch schedule has been WRONG since December? Every couples months I get the itch to change up my stream schedule; for awhile I was doing 6:00P – 10:00P before realizing that coding late at night was not good for my sleep haha.

Twitch schedule has been updated for 1PM – 7PM now 😀

Welp, so long LastPass! After the recent news, I spent most of today updating the remaining passwords on oddball sites I use once in a blue moon and ditched LP completely. But holy moly, the amount of terrible UI and confusing sites I had to navigate through today JUST to do something simple. My favorite was this gem: A site that allowed my generated password at one point, but now I can’t even update it to a new one because the old one doesn’t have that one special character *facepalm*

Website change password fails

I’ve been enjoying clicking through the Indie Web Ring and reading random blog posts on the sites I stumble across. I also find myself annoyed when someone doesn’t add the little ⬅🕸💍➡ somewhere on their page and breaks the ring 😂

Looking forward to when I can properly join some rings, just want to wait until I get the main pages completed

Fixing little things here and there on the website and ohno where has the time goneeee

My brain at 3AM: “Add this to the site! Try this on the bot! Write this post!”
My brain at 1PM: “… what do?”

I may have made another silly little utility app, oops.

Dang it, why is it after I feel like I fixed all the coding bugs.. I FIND ANOTHER 🐛

Since I’ve acquired this new coding skillset, I can make all the tools I wish existed but don’t because they are super specific and only I would find them useful 😂
Made a little app that converts Twitch clip links into code I can insert into WordPress posts! It only took 4 hours, but I’m sure in a few months, the time saved will be far more than the time spent coding it 👍

Started off with good intentions of writing my first monthly review in forever, but when I went to get a screenshot of my stats, I found myself on the birb site 😅 I was only sidetracked for 30 minutes, but wow non-medicated me wouldn’t have realized until HOURS later, so thats nice progress!

Testing out the new micro feature on the website!
Basically my version of Twitter hosted on my site where I can post little thoughts not limited to 280 characters 🥳