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August 17, 2023

On Stream

Chatting about all the things! I reinstalled all my OBS plugins & filters which thankfully didn’t require any additional setup and some of the plugins were overdue for updates anyway. Struggled to get the flower images on the website to play nice so temporarily removed them. Complained about time zones and trying to convert them in code 😠

Spacey3D got the dragon egg quest on first attempt – this was not a bug, I checked the code 😅 But she was kind enough to let chat vote on the location & egg! Which led to the discovery that the newly implemented timer I coded the day before caused a bot crashing bug! ahHHHH

Originally I was fixing a bug where once the timer reached zero, it then counted up. Guess who forgot to implement what should happen when the timer reached zero? Yup. After some quick tests, it looked like it worked and I built a release. Which, to be fair, it did work! ..But I did not test what would happen when the timer reached zero, changed pages, and then tried to return to the Poll page.

After some digging around, I found a few issues.. this is why I should stop late night coding sessions LOL. Among them: not disposing the timer when switching views and unnecessarily calculating the timer length. But the main issue was when creating a new view model, it would try to create a timer with the remaining duration.. which was a negative value.

Thanks to LateKey’s sharp eyes, we found the error in my logic where it would subtract the current time from the poll’s end time even after the poll timer was completed. So once that added, the poll now works as intended, yay!

Now onto possibly break things while refactoring code on the back end related to the poll! 😀

A screenshot of ElysiaGriffin's stream testing the Poll timer on Koishibot's UI

Gratitude Board

⭐ TheBookSnail for the scare bitties!
⭐ Weitlol for the 19 month prime sub!

Dandle Results

3 Guesses: Goody, Rapid
4 Guesses: Altar, Terra
5 Guesses: Godly


Stream Duration: 4h54m
Average Viewership: 36
Max Viewers: 50
Live Views: 551

Unique Chatters: 55
Followers: 12
Subscriptions: 1
Bits & Tips: 300

Stream Stats for ElysiaGriffin's Twitch Stream on August 17 2023


Thanks to the suggestion of yours truly, the koimmunity voted to to hang out with RAYMmusic! RAYM is a musician who sings, plays piano, guitar, ..violin? (not all at the same time of course), presses with all the buttons for the sweet loops AND dances – she does it all! Be sure to check out her newest single, “I Found A Way” or find her over on Spotify!

The last clip was her playing Happy Birthday on the violin to celebrate August birthdays.. and June – BUT NOT JULY 😆

A screenshot from RAYMmusic's Twitch stream, singing Pocahontas Colours of the Wind

Next Stream

Next stream will be on Friday, August 18, 2023 at 1PM UK.
See ya then!


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