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August 10, 2023

On Stream

Today we continued on figuring out how I’d like to handle the subscription events so a lot of time spent drawing diagrams on Obsidian and reading Twitch documentation. BUT I think I’ve finally settled on a system that is easier to manage and how I’d like to display the information later.

The idea was to have subscription events display on the bot’s activity feed during a stream. A feature a “rolling credits” at the end of stream for various support events would be nice. Perhaps there could be a top leader board that I could implement into the website. SO MANY POSSIBILITIES.

While checking for differences between API, EventSub, and IRC tags, I realized that the total gifted sub count is something some viewers prefer to opt out of sharing and will display as Sender_Count=0. This is a setting preference that can be found under Twitch User Settings > Privacy > Hide Progressive Gifter Badge & Gifts Given Count. Thanks to TheBookSnail for helping out with this!

To honor that request, I decided to make some adjustments on my tables to display 0 instead of the total count – interestingly this isn’t something that some alert services consider, as displaying a list of gift subs will display the username & total count anyway 😅

I also updated the summaries for the sub event methods I made as they were INACCURATE due to my misunderstanding of what events get triggered when. But now I’m basically a pro at all things subscriptions.. maybe.

Ultimately I decided to use the Twitch EventSub for Channel Subscription Gift for when the channel is gifted subscriptions and the IRC tags for the other subscription events. Now I gotta shuffle some code around, have the events display on the UI, AND ILL BE DONE WITH IT. WE CAN MOVE ON.

Also, Anonnoymous got the dragon egg on first attempt, oh snap!

A screenshot of Koishibot as of August 10, 2023 showing all the Twitch chat and event feed

Gratitude Board

⭐ TheBookSnail for gifting a sub to Greilark FOR SCIENCE!
⭐ FaffinABoot for the bits!
⭐ Matty_TwoShoes for the bits!
⭐ EmmyBearArcade for the prime sub for 13 months
⭐ Greilark for the bits!
⭐ TheBookSnail for the bits!

Dandle Results

3 Guesses: Touch, Aback
4 Guesses: Vapor, Aroma
5 Guesses: Stung, Vault
6 Guesses: Elide


Stream Duration: 6h4m
Average Viewership: 38
Max Viewers: 54
Live Views: 783

Unique Chatters: 57
Followers: 2
Subscriptions: 2
Bits & Tips: 251

Stream Stats for ElysiaGriffin's Twitch Stream on August 10 2023


Thanks to the suggestion of AlongWithCris, we sent the koimmunity over to hang out with Cazie! Caz has been playing the cozy multiplayer adventure sim, Palia, that was recently opened to public beta testing last week!

Next Stream

Next stream will be on Monday, August 14, 2023 at 1PM UK.


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