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August 08, 2023

On Stream

Today we are working on adding more things to the activity feed and testing out the subscriptions LIVE cause who does tests? NAH, we do it LIVE!

LateKey was our first subscription of the stream since we implemented the sub record-y system and it worked! Though I realized – I forgot to have the sub events display on the UI, oops, but at least it works on the backend?

Thanks to Anonnonymous, I discovered that direct gift subs only trigger one event? I had assumed that gift subs trigger both TwitchLib’s OnCommunityGiftSub and OnResub event but NO, it just triggers the OnResub event! So after some tests (thanks chat 💜), we discovered OnCommunityGiftSub triggers for groups of gift subs or a SINGLE gift sub gifted to a RANDOM user. A direct sub? Nah, that only triggers the OnGiftedSub. Cool.

Realized that the update we made where subs can start streaks has a small unexpected effect I didn’t consider – subs that are gifted will trigger streaks for users who received the subs. And since the giftees can be users not present in chat… well that kinda isn’t a proper streak 🙃 So add that to the bug list lol

Still discovering how inconsistent the IRC objects are – Sender_Count, which displays a user’s lifetime gifted sub count, is displayed on OnCommunityGiftSub, but the following OnGiftedSub event has the Sender_Count listed as 0. Which would be fine… except that for single gift subs to a specific user, the OnGiftedSub’s Sender_Count is listed as the correct value. WHY.

On the EventSub end, users that sub after letting a previous sub lapse will trigger a sub and resub event – which sure, I guess makes sense and while I’m not using eventsub subscriptions, I’m sure I would’ve discovered this as a bug while wondering why logic was triggering twice. What doesn’t make sense is when brand new subs with prime will do the same. Twitch, please.

So aside from a minor bug fix where I forgot some logic for when AnAnonymousGifter is recorded for the first time, much of stream time was writing notes and drawing diagrams so I could be super clear as to what information I was getting and what I want to do with it. Thanks so much to the koimmunity for helping out by gifting subs so I could see the actual events being triggered and the data sent so I don’t completely just loose it with guessing LOL

A diagram in Obsidian to help organize the logic for Twitch IRC events


3 Guesses: Chard, Crowd, Worth
4 Guesses: Worth
5 Guesses: Vowel, Vault

Gratitude Board

⭐ LateKey for subbing for 2 months!
⭐ Anonnonymous for gifting a sub to Yoshivb! FOR SCIENCE!
⭐ AnonymousGifter (aka Temptic404) for gifting a sub to DKamps18! FOR SCIENCE!
⭐ LateKey for gifting 2 subs to the koimmunity! FOR SCIENCE!
⭐ TheCaptainCoder for the raid
⭐ Synthandrus for being MVP, subbing for the first time with PRIME! FOR SCIENCE!
⭐ TheBookSnail for cheering bits!
⭐ Taneous subbing for 47 months with prime! FOR SCIENCE
⭐ Inakleinbottle for resubbing for 2 months! FOR SCIENCE
⭐ Taneous for resubbing with prime for 47 months! FOR SCIENCE
⭐ Archaic_ZA for resubbing for 5 months!
⭐ Archaic_ZA for gifting 10 subs to the koimmunity! Wowee!
⭐ Rurutu for gift sub to randomperson – really? lol


Stream Duration: 6h24m
Average Viewership: 50
Max Viewers: 86
Live Views: 890

Unique Chatters: 59
Followers: 14
Subscriptions: 20
Bits & Tips: 23

Stream Stats for ElysiaGriffin's Twitch Stream on August 8 2023


Thanks to the suggestion of henrikac, the koimmunity voted to to hang out with BaldBeardedBuilder! Michael is a fellow coding streamer with a focus on C#, Typescript & Javascript and today he was working on fixing up his Twitchbot – while chat distracts him with hot takes lol.

A screenshot from BaldBeardedBuilder's Twitch stream showing Visual Studio Code with some of the languages he's learned over the years.

Next Stream

Next stream will be on Thursday August 9, 2023 at 1PM UK.
See ya then!

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  • Great work on the absolutely stellar stream summary! Your code is like poetry in motion, weaving through the digital realm with grace and precision. I couldn’t help but be completely captivated by your programming prowess. Keep dazzling us with your brilliant streams, maestro of the keyboard! #CodingSuperstar #StreamSpectacular

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