Stream Summary

March 17, 2023

On Stream

  • Happy St Pattys Day! 🍀🌈💰 (I did not wear green)
  • Just chattttinn
  • Learning Websockets & SignalR to implement OBS Websockets at some point
  • Koimmunity named new dragon Horace
  • Working on the logic to start a Twitch poll, struggled for an hour trying to wrap my head around converting a list into an array of a Choice object 😭
  • Raid poll logic done?? I THINK?? NOW WE TEST
  • OH SNAP RAID POLL LOGIC WORKS! Bot can now take the three suggestions and set those as poll options, create a link to share streams to display on overlay. When poll completes, it returns the results and pulls the winner! And for those who wanna troll with ties – IT PICKS A RANDOM FROM TIES.
  • Fixing possible async issue with getting refresh tokens
  • Found a bug because !null 😠
  • Realized the released version of the bot crashed for an hour because I didn’t catch the exception if Oauth token expires 😂
  • Talked about edge case scenarios of streamer that was a raid candidate goes offline between voting and selection. Streamer who TIED but lost to random bot selection RAIDS ME. WHAT ARE THE ODDS.
  • Added extra logic where bot posts raid message, a link to the streamer in case they get left behind, starts the raid AND updates the stream title with who we raided and when to expect the next stream!
  • Gotta fix the overlay for the raid scene cause its janky 😂


Stream Duration: 8h38m
Average Viewership: 45
Max Viewers: 67
Live Views: 1410

Unique Chatters: 80
Followers: 39
Subscriptions: 9
Bits & Tips: 0

Gratitude Board

  • Thanks TheBookSnail for gifting a sub to the koimmunity and scaring the living daylights out of me. WAS THE 500 POINTS WORTH IT?
  • Thanks CodedBeard for the array help
  • Thanks CodedBeard & Weitlol for task delay helps
  • Thanks TheDLeeTv for the prime sub
  • Thanks copynightmare for the sub and for gifting subs to the koimmunity!
  • BluishGreenProductions for the raid!
  • Thanks Fisbyte for helping rubber duck code.


Thanks to the suggestion of TheBookSnail, we sent the koimmunity over to hang out with Jen_TheHuman! She was celebrating St Patty Day dressed in green, drinking Guinness, and predicting with chat when green ducks will appear in Placid Plastic Duck Simulator! 🦆

Next Stream

Next stream will be on Monday, March 20, 2023 at 1PM UK.


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