Stream Summary

March 07, 2023

On Stream

  • Showed off our new dragon page! Going to see if the koimmunity can hatch some dragons together 🐉 So far one of our eggs is super close to hatching!!
  • Switching out TwitchLib NuGet packages – I was a bit worried as we had like 64 errors but once everything was reinstalled, we had 0 errors, huzzah!
  • When I update the stream title or category, it now posts in chat that the title & category has changed which helps when I miss the done button 😂
  • First realized I didn’t actually need the Eventsub for Shoutouts and only needed the API, THEN realized there’s a limit on the Shoutout API. 1 shoutout every 2 minutes, 1 shoutout per person per hour – but I can shout out the same person multiple times if done directly in chat lol
  • Apparently we had some glitch where audio bork in the last hour of stream? Everything was working, the VOD had audio, but I guess there was a blip in the internet connection and it dropped the audio to the live stream. Decided to just roll with it: silent stream while typing in chat – how the heck do streamers get anything done typing in chat with no mic streams? LOL
  • Started making necessary classes for the Raid module but need to think about some of the logic for the Service class doing API requests
  • Also bby Chorizo snuggled in a scarf behehehe
Fire Skink Chorizo cuddling in a scarf


Stream Duration: 5h36m
Average Viewership: 50
Max Viewers: 71
Live Views: 995

Unique Chatters: 812
Followers: 15
Subscriptions: 0
Bits & Tips: £23.00

Gratitude Board

  • JyroDraws for the raid – our first proper raid with the new setup! Nice! He streamed an uncapped sub-a-thon for 120 hours! Wowee
  • Inzaniity for giving the /color #hex tip to change username color
  • HAMhamReborn for helping with the NuGet package stuffs
  • JBCreative for £20 towards electric blanket goal!
  • TheBookSnail for scaring the bujesus out of everyone with the Sound Alerts that I thought was disabled LOL


Thanks to the suggestion of yours truly, we sent the koimmunity over to hang out with AnderssonKev! Kevin is live streaming the progress on his Unity game, PaperKlay, a 3D platform-puzzler where you play as a clay chicken! 🐔 It’ll be a few years before the game is ready for release, but you can check out the demo, wishlist the game, and follow the progress on Twitch, Youtube, & Twitter!

AnderssonKev Twitch Stream coding PaperKlay

Next Stream

Next stream will be on Thursday, March 9, 2023 at 1PM UK.

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