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February 14, 2023

On Stream

  • Showed off my fancy image trimmer tool I coded last night 😎
  • Making progress on Dan’s WordPress theme! Getting all the page templates setup
  • Morphosis7 suggested to check out the WP Codex Theme Unit Test for testing out themes.
  • General WordPress pages are done, huzzah!
  • Cleaning up unnecessary files
  • Made a Games Custom Post Type to display Game Portfolio
  • “The snail was in a slump, but then they watched the movie Sully, which made them so surly they tried to fly a plane but thankfully they couldn’t make it in the cockpit because it was too high” – Snail’s Dandle Story
  • DeadRobotDev has started on his personal website! Current “persuade as many people to make personal sites” counter: 2
  • Switched over to working on Koishibot.
  • I NEED A MAPPER. Oh actually, no I dont need a mapper lol.
  • Restarted VS because of false errors >:|
Screenshot of HonestDanGames wordpress theme WIP


Stream Duration: 8h2m
Average Viewership: 34
Max Viewers: 51
Live Views: 889

Unique Chatters: 59
Followers: 15
Subscriptions: 1
Bits & Tips: 0

February 14 Stream Summary Stats

Gratitude Board

  • Thanks theArtifacts for subscribing for 7 months!


Thanks to the suggestion of YOURS TRULY, the koimmunity voted to hang out with Instafluff! He was working on updating his stream overlay with Typescript!

Instafluff on

Next Stream

Next stream will be on Thursday, February 16 at 1PM UK.


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