Stream Summary

February 02, 2023

On Stream

  • Somehow I’ve managed to clear my notes for what I did on stream because REUSABLE BLOCKS. I shall have to fix this issue over the weekend but will try to remember what we did
  • Finding love over a dropped pizza slice at a Robbie Williams concert with Gmaminator, the art of sexing chickens with FaffinABoot, the difference between Woodchucks & Groundhogs with TheBookSnail
  • Learning more about MediatR to send & receive messages
  • Spent a lot of stream trying to decide what classes to make that will handle receiving messages from chat and decide what to do with them. And being stuck on names. Why is naming things so hard‽‽

Gratitude Board

  • Spacey3D for subscribing for 38 months
  • Gyaradona for subscribing for 55 months


Thanks to the suggest of TheBookSnail, the koimmunity voted to hang out with Lets__Roll! Rob & Char were playing a very close game of Carcassonne! UK* | US* (*Amazon Affiliate Links)

Next Stream

Next stream will be on February 3, 2023 at 1PM UK. SEE YA THEN!

♥ Elysia


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