Snail Dandle Stories

A page dedicated to TheBookSnail’s stories based on Dandle session guesses from stream. Maybe one day he’ll make a page of these on his own website 🐌

SNAIL FLOUTED the mods and BLOCKED the backseaters for enteral GLORY and then ELOPED with Chorizo.”

“The SNAIL lived in a MANOR some say was HAUNTED but it was really a HAVEN due to the lack of visitors.”

“The SNAIL was in a SLUMP, but then they watched the movie SULLY, which made them so SURLY they tried to fly a plane but thankfully they couldn’t make it in the cockpit because it was too high.”

SNAIL joined a CHOIR to sing of the magical FRUIT of beans, but the choir was too RIGID in their song selection, so snail had to solo it.”

SNAIL was chomping on a GRAPE, like you do, when they were WHACKed and taken ABACK by a loud QUACK from a duck who wanted to share the grape.”

SNAIL was in a SLUMP of a funk and wouldn’t come out of their shell. trying out a new STYLE, snail SHYLY came out of their shell.”

SNAIL LADLEd some soup, but it was too CHALKy. Snail got some creamy potatoes to APPLY to the pot and was AMPLY rewarded with good soup.”

SNAIL had a moral font conundrum when writing a book so they visited the local SHEIK. The given advice was ERRIE in it’s impact. Snail learned that sans-SERIF was just as good as OpenDyslexic for accessibility.”

SNAIL was mining for dinos stuck in AMBER because they MAJORed in Paleontology. Snail’s excitement went up in VAPOR when all they found was a GATOR, it’s teeth as sharp as a RAZOR. All was not lost since the gator was dated 100 million years ago!”

SNAIL and their LARVA friend were munching on an APPLE. The larva PLEADed with Snail to teach them to sew. They both PLEATed late into the night.”

SNAIL was so PROUD of their 100 METER dash race time. They finished in THREE years.”

DEATH chanted the viewers at SNAIL due to the innocent sound alert, but Snail escaped harm because they are such a SNACK

SNAIL found a magical wind CHIME that they found they could not DITCH. Forever they would hold it and it would sound without so much as a breeze, it must have been made by a WITCH!

SNAIL kept hitting compile ERRORs. In frustration they accidentally knocked their cup over, spilling FLUID all over their keyboard! This made them LIVID but they got over it, no need to cry over split fluid.

SNAIL was enjoying a nice day at the beach and got a craving for ice cream. They asked where they might procure some frozen confections and they were told NORTH. Snail strapped on their single THONG flip-flop and headed up the beach to get some froyo.

A troll tried to make fun of ZeldaMOMOe, SNAIL asked if they needed a SALVE for that SALTY burn. ZeldaMOMOe said, “no”, and continued eating their SALAD without dressing.

SNAIL got a c minus GRADE as a YOUTH on a book report. they put a TORCH to the BOTCHed paper and never spoke of it again.

SNAIL would eat by the LIGHT of the moon and wasn’t a PICKY eater so the YIELD of the crop would decrease every night.