What am I working on? A Twitch bot for my channel! It’s my very first programming project and the whole reason I decided to learn how to code in the first place! Koishibot is a WPF desktop program written in C# using the TwitchLib library. It’ll be able to read & write to chat, store persistent data to a local SQLite database, time out terrible C# jokes and ban anyone who mentions the AI-that-shall-not-be-named. Just kidding.. or am I?

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Mockup of KoishiBot design

Yes yes yes, I know there are so many Twitch bots already out there – I currently use StreamElements, Streamer.Bot, and a custom one built for me. So why make my own? Because I wanted to! 😤

Over the years, my (very kind and super patient 🙌) coding savvy friends have made little streaming tools based on my quirky ideas that could only be done with a custom solution. Programming at the time was something that felt very daunting to me and I didn’t have bandwidth to learn how to do it myself while juggling all my other creative endeavors… UNTIL NOW!

My previous custom bot was made by my husband, HonestDan, to combine all my tools into one Winform application – he even made a TwitchBot youtube tutorial based on it! Dan works primarily in Unreal C++ as a game developer for work and has his own backlog of personal projects, so feature requests and bug fixes happened when he could squeeze them in (♥ ty dan you the bestest).

I figured instead of feeling guilty for pestering him, I could make the bot myself! From scratch! In WPF! With no experience what so ever! And to slowly understand the struggles of coding, knowing that the little feature “that should be easy to add!” IS NOT THAT SIMPLE.

So on November 7, 2022 I embarked on a journey to learn C# on stream and created the first KoishiBot project file on November 29, 2022

Tackling a project like this has been wonderful, stressful, exciting, infuriating, and satisfying experience! Thank you to everyone who has offered helpful advice in chat and a huge thank you to BraveCobra for accidentally becoming my mentor to help me understand how to properly design a totally-overkill-but-very-organized application 😂

In memory of our friend BraveCobra, who lost his battle to cancer on July 6, 2023.

Planned Features

First VIP assignment
Hypetrain Messages
Twitch controlled LED Lights
End Stream Gratitude Board
Posting to Discord?
Command timer groups
OBS Integration
Pomodoro Break Timers with Auto Scene Switch
Update Stream Schedule & Graphic
Stats Dashboard
Channel Point Redemptions
Text to Speech

Completed Features

Attendance Streaks (2/1/2023)
Shoutout & display streamer’s channel trailer, VOD, or clip (3/?/2023)
Raid targets suggested/voted on by community (3/21/2023)
!Later & !Bug for Todoist reminders (03/27/23)
Raffle System for game jams (05/01/23)
Start polls via the Bot
Dad Joke Poll
Activity Feed for Subs, Bits, Follows, Raids


Why the name Koishibot?

I didn’t want to spend an hour on the “Configure Your New Project” window trying to think of a name so I just went with a spin-off of my online handle – Koishibuh. It’s a mashup of two of my favorite animals, “koi” and “shiba (inu)”, with “buh” as a silly twist on the end. Swapped out buh for bot and huzzah, perfect name!

Is the source code available? Can I use the bot on my stream?

I currently use a private repo and don’t have plans at the moment to publicly release the bot as some of the features are very specific to my stream – how many people want a pomodoro time auto scene switcher? Also, it is no where near a state to be released publicly 🤣 Maybe in the future I can release a generic version but I honestly feel like an established and well supported program like Streamer.Bot would be better to use.

Can I copy ____ feature for my bot?

Sure, go for it! I have no qualms with streamers using an idea from my stream and putting their own spin on it. Some of the features I’ve implemented were inspired by other streamers or suggested by the community. The raid suggestions/voting system? I totally stole it from Dan! He was working on a Twitch Extension version of it before he ABANDONED IT stopped development to focus on his new job in the game dev industry!

Got more burning questions? Feel free to ask in chat!
Click here to check out my Programming FAQ!

Last updated: August 12, 2023