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Orlando, FL Makeup Artist Emily Benitez'>


Last week I had the pleasure of working with the uber talented makeup artist Emily Benitez! While we met when she was doing beauty makeup for a branding photoshoot, I absolutely fell in love with her creative “faceart” looks she had in her portfolio – I mean, you gotta check her stuff out!

So of course I HAD to have her work her magic when I photographed an enchanted mermaid and then got the chance to photograph a look she did on herself… and maybe even got a little makeover myself which will be revealed soon ;D

For this shoot she decided to revisit an older look she did last year with a twist..or swirl? Along with a fun pop of color! Katrina Elbo, hairstylist extraordinaire, did a fantastic job creating a sleek, slicked back wet look that I think really complimented the overall style we were going for!

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Creative Cosplayers in Orlando, FL'>


This past weekend we got to enjoy Florida’s largest multi-genre convention, MegaCon 2016 in the Orange County Convention Center!

There were many firsts for the show: the new management under Fanboy Expo, the closer-to-summer Memorial Day Weekend date, and opening on a Thursday – turning the convention into a 4 day show.

I had my own personal first of photographing cosplayers in the hallways using the large convention windows as my light source and the crowds as my backdrop. Usually Im never seen without my softbox and couldnt stand the thought of distracting backgrounds, but for this weekend I wanted to challenge myself to shoot in the moment and meet new friends.

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  • Sasha - June 8, 2016 - 7:07 pm

    YAY! <3 Thank you so much for a photo! I love it! :)ReplyCancel

BTS: A Photo Breakdown'>

Elysia Griffin - Lens Levitation Experiment

Everyday this week Ive been working on pushing myself creatively by creating a portrait every day using new techniques that I hope to master and use more frequently in my work.

In all the years Ive done photography, Ive never attempted to do a levitation shot of any sort (not counting the time I helped set one up) – which seems crazy to me! So of course I had to remedy that!

My model for the week day would be my lovely boyfriend, LA. Since he is also a photographer and an avid Star Wars fan, I knew I could incorporate those two things into a perfect levitation theme.

As the great Jedi Master Yoda says “Always pass on what you have learned” heres a behind the shot look on how I got the image and steps on how you can create your own levitation portrait!

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