TFO Wishlist

Welcome to my The Final Outpost wishlist! Really, I just wanted a page to list some of the things I collect or currently seeking out for easier sharing when people ask haha.


Limaka Cevalo
1st Generation Male or Female with the following traits:
Head: Any Gardener
Fins: Any Leafy or Spine
Body/Markings: Any

Vira Beko
1st Generation Male or Female with the following traits:
Body: Any color
Tail: Any color
Wing: Any feathered wings
Head: Toucan (AABBCC), Velociraptor (aaBBCC/aabbCC), Argus Phaesant (AAbbCC)

Monta Selo
1st Generation female Monta Selo with the following traits:
Body: Gray (aaBB)
Shell: Dark Brown (AAbb)
Crystals: Watermelon Tourmaline (AAbb)

Abara Krono
1st Generation Male or Female with the following traits:
Body: Black (AABB) or White (aabb)
Stripes: None (Aa/aa)
Tail, Socks, Belly, Spots, Eyes, Horns: Any


Codes with “3D”
This initially started out as a joke after finding a Pompaca Floro in the cupboard with the code “cur3D” as a nod to our friend Spacey3D – who does 3D modeling! The next thing you know, I ended up with a little collection of 3D codes and while Spacey plays TFO, she does not collect 3D codes.. lol

cur3D & U3DBB

Cap Codes with “Sip”
A silly reference to an ongoing joke in the community about not drinking capsules. I had never personally stunted caps (a “WHAT IF” situation) but it wasn’t until I came across my first sip code that I couldn’t resist.

o0sip1, QXSiP, SIPxL

Codes with “Koi”
I adore koi fish so of course I gotta pick up koi codes!
The dream combination would be a koi Netimo with a koi code but that’d be super rare haha

koiPm & 05kOi

Codes with “EG” or “Ely”
EG is not something I actively collect unless it happens to be a species I particularly like or a good code combination – but a little nod to my name’s initials! ELY would be a good alternative to finding my name as a code since codes can only be 5 characters long.

hpyEG, EGYea, nzEly