Stream Summary

August 22, 2023

Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
(Click to the egg or hatchling to help them grow!)

On Stream

Late start to stream due to nearby maintenance workers accidentally breaking the gas pipe lol

Continuing the UI refactor, currently focused on the GameJam logic which I have to remember how it works LOL

Gratitude Board

⭐ AFCvKFC for the 2 month prime sub!
⭐ TheBookSnail for the bits!
⭐ MarcMagus for the bits!
⭐ Temptic404 the bitties!

Dandle Results

1 Guess:
2 Guesses: Coral
3 Guesses: Lying, Paint
4 Guesses: Given
5 Guesses:
6 Guesses: Iliac
No Guess: Bluff

My creatures from TFO, feel free to click on these to help with their stats 😀

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