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August 14, 2023

On Stream

Yoshivb got the Dragon egg on the second attempt!

Catching up on weekend shenanigans which included: taking photos at work social, updating the WordPress site, learning PHP live server things, and StreamElements being silly and not working properly 🙃

Last stream I reworked the logic for saving subscriptions to tables so today I finished up the logic so that those subscriptions would be displayed on the UI. Thank you to eiron for being the first person to test that it does indeed display on the UI!

Then added logic for poll results to display on the UI which worked as expected, nice.

Chat voted to name one of the dragons T-Haxx.

One of the last events I need to hook up to the activity feed is Tips via StreamElements & Kofi. While I already have a SE library setup, I’ve discovered that the JWT token that I use expires after some time and that I have to manually copy-pasta the new token which is a bit silly. So might have to do something where it pops up a box for new token every 30 days.

Kofi uses Webhooks – which I’ve not used before – and after reading some documentation, I decided to hold off doing anything with webhooks as it looks complicated lol

So! Instead we spent the remainder of stream setting up OBS Websockets using OBS Websocket Dotnet library – looking through their example project to get an idea of how it works and decide which methods I wanted to use. My main use would be to have certain events trigger scene switches like raids and the pomodoro breaks, but it looks like there are a ton of things you can do control with OBS!

Not sure I can setup OBS things while streaming so this is stuff Ill have to test off stream, but at least one step closer to having the bot control OBS things!

A screenshot of ElysiaGriffin's stream showing the event feed that now displays subscription events!

Gratitude Board

⭐ EarthToThien for the 6 month sub!
⭐ Tw0Keys for the raid!
⭐ eiron for the prime sub!
⭐ Matty_TwoShoes for the bits!

Dandle Results

3 Guesses: Stray
4 Guesses: Curvy, First, Agony
5 Guesses: Freak, Manor
6 Guesses: Music


Stream Duration: 5h48m
Average Viewership: 44
Max Viewers: 57
Live Views: 841

Unique Chatters: 656
Followers: 4
Subscriptions: 1
Bits & Tips: 25

Stream Stats for ElysiaGriffin's Twitch Stream on August 14 2023


Thanks to the suggestion of FaffinABoot, the koimmunity voted to to hang out with zunderscore! Zunderscore was playing been playing the cozy multiplayer adventure sim, Palia!

A screenshot from Zunderscore's Twitch stream fishing in the cozy MMO sim game Palia

Next Stream

Next stream will be on Tuesday, August 15, 2023 at 1PM UK.
See ya then!


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