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August 07, 2023

On Stream

Showed off the brand new website theme! Spent the weekend finishing it up and now its live! There are still a couple of things I need to adjust such as margins and font sizes, but its usable and makes adding dragons to the Dragon page much easier!

Had to remember where we left off on the bot because I had taken a break to focus on PHP & WordPress. I should probably leave a little memo somewhere to help remind me what the last thing I was doing before taking an extended break haha.

Realized I forgot to shuffle over the logic for saving cheers & follows to the release version as I only tested them while debugging.

Discovered a bug where I forgot to finish more logic when making Channel Point Redemption also trigger Attendance streaks – when a new channel point redeem event is received, it triggered the logic to dothething twice instead of once which meant the Dragon Egg Quest would go off twice 🤣

I guess Dragon Egg Quest is a 2-for-1 today and LateKey managed to get the egg after the 20th attempt:

Accidentally spelled Wietlol’s name wrong on the Dragon page – oops. (Or maybe it was intentional to see if he would notice.. hmm)

After spending the last few bot streams testing out the various subscription events and making notes, I decided to go with the events received through the IRC chat client, which properties to use and how I wanted to setup my tables. Finished the logic for subs, resubs, and gifted subs for both the gifter and receiver. Hasn’t been tested yet, but I’m sure it works flawlessly.

Other misc bugs that need to be addressed: if eventsub connection was not successful, bot needs to attempt to retry connection & if bot randomly looses connection because of something on Twitch’s end. Also needs to update the UI to let me know there is an issue.

ElysiaGriffin Website WordPress Theme: Blue, Pink, Purple Waves, Kois, and Cherry Blossoms

Dandle Results

3 Guesses: Hover
4 Guesses: Scoff, Nasty, Fjord, Mason

Gratitude Board

⭐ Anonnonymous for 6 months of subbage!
⭐ LentilStewDragon for the 14 months of sub with PRIME!
⭐ TheBookSnail for cheering bits!
⭐ Matteocollina for the raid!


Stream Duration: 5h46m
Average Viewership: 45
Max Viewers: 118
Live Views: 920

Unique Chatters: 728
Followers: 15
Subscriptions: 2
Bits & Tips: 23

August 8, 2023 Stream Stats for ElysiaGriffin Twitch Stream


Thanks to the suggestion of Spacey3D, the koimmunity voted to to hang out with Jstiller30! Joe is a digital artist with a focus on fantasy landscapes & environments, streaming his process of sketching thumbnails to a creating a final piece in one sitting! Be sure to check out his portfolio over on DeviantArt

Screenshot of Jstiller30's Twitch stream - he is sketching landscape thumbnails in Clip Studio Paint

Next Stream

Next stream will be on Tuesday, August 8, 2023 at 1PM UK.
See ya then!


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