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July 28, 2023

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On Stream

  • Today we continue working on adding subs to feed
  • Chat got Dandle in 5 attempts: Order
  • Chat got Dandle in 5 attempts: Climb
  • Reading through IRC messages to figure out what tags/properties/fields they have thanks to Dkamps18 for providing some examples
  • Thank you chat for helping provide real life data with subs
  • Chat got Dandle in 4 attempts: Lying
  • Processing through the live data events
  • Writing out general logic for the subscriptions, only missing the if someone continues their gifted sub information
  • Chat got Dandle in 6 attempts: Payer
  • Chat got Dandle in 2 attempts: Kneel
  • Discovered that the continued gifted sub event does not actually work the way I thought it did, weh.
  • Finally coding logic, huzzah
  • Chat solved Dandle in 4 guesses: Pudgy!
  • Setting up the classes for the New/Resub/Gift Sub event and decided to finish it up next week
  • For the remaining stream time, I decided to get the point redemption stuffs sorted so that point redeems can now start streaks! It did not work on first attempt as I forgot to set the attendance to be enabled on Debug mode, then forgot that I had the OnPointRedeem method return if it wasn’t the dragon egg quest lol

Gratitude Board

  • ⭐ Rurutu for 64 months sub!
  • ⭐ MarcMagus for 55 months sub!
  • ⭐ Anonymous for gifting a sub!
  • ⭐Anonnonymous for gifting a sub!
  • ⭐ TheBookSnail for the scare bits and for continuing SoundAlert’s streak
  • ⭐ Neo_Nemphis for the scare bits!


Stream Duration: 6h17m
Average Viewership: 49
Max Viewers: 64
Live Views: 1126

Unique Chatters: 64
Followers: 17
Subscriptions: 2
Bits & Tips: –


Thanks to the suggestion of Robinspi, we sent the koimmunity over to hang out with Samkitkat! She was hosting an interview with AfricaKenya, discussing the importance of web accessibility!

Next Stream

Next stream will be on Monday, July 31, 2023 at 1PM UK.


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