Stream Summary

June 05, 2023

On Stream

  • Recapping what happened in the last week
  • Looking at why the point redemption thingy doesnt work D:
  • Realized that the debug version of the bot and the release version of the bot use different app IDs which means I can’t modify a point redeem made by the release version on the debug version.
  • Hooked the handler to do all the stream start up things when TwitchClient connects
  • Enabled Attendance for debug mode to test the things
  • Looking at bug with caching!
  • Attendance seems to work fineee now?
  • Fixed a typo with one of the streak commands – attendance commands can be triggered with !streak and !steak versions
  • Testing the point redemptions – fixing repo bug
  • Apparently we have to use update with a 1:m/1:m relationship – who knew.


Stream Duration: 7H18M
Average Viewership: 54
Max Viewers: 83
Live Views: 1465

Unique Chatters: 77
Followers: 16
Subscriptions: 2
Bits & Tips:

Gratitude Board

  • Spacey3D for the sub!
  • HAMhamReborn for the 4 month prime sub!
  • TheDevDad_ for the raid!
  • Overgrowncarrot1 for the raid!
  • Anonnonymous for the sub!
  • Kuviman for the raid!
  • JishTheViking for the prime sub!
  • Quasky for 10 months of subbadubs!
  • ukmadLZ for the raid!


Thanks to the suggestion of yours truly, we sent the koimmunity over to hang out with DragonSpirit_Games while they worked on their project Gaia, a Greek mythology inspired game that features his daughter as the main character!

Next Stream

Next stream will be on Tuesday, June 6, 2023 at 1PM UK.


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