Stream Summary

April 13, 2023

On Stream

  • Chatting about ALL THE THINGS – specifically about the QUEST FOR SILKLIE and spreadsheets lol
  • MattyTwoShoes got the dragon egg for today in 8 attempts!
  • Created a ChatResponse class for the GameJam
  • Bot posts to chat when priority game is selected
  • Renamed GameJam Sheet Service to API and made a new GameJam Sheet Service to deal with duplicate code between classes
  • Shuffling code around
  • BBYs pull request! Found a minor bug in the TwitchLib where an int should be a string and had to learn how to do a pull request on Github:
  • Koi hat Koi hat


Stream Duration: 6h56m
Average Viewership: 52
Max Viewers: 75
Live Views: 1171

Unique Chatters: 75
Followers: 12
Subscriptions: 13
Bits & Tips: 11.11

Gratitude Board

  • Lattjorr for the first time sub!
  • Thoazul1 for the prime sub and tip!
  • CJGladback for the raid!
  • ItsMaziel for the raid!
  • Edslab for the prime sub!
  • ZeldaMomoe for the 9 month sub!
  • BillNash for the 43 months of sub!
  • EarthToThien for 2 months!
  • Kuviman for the raid!
  • Wietlol for 15 months!


Thanks to the suggestion of NinjapusGames, we sent the koimmunity over to hang out with IrishJohnGames!

Next Stream

Next stream will be on Friday, April 14, 2023 at 1PM UK.


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