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March 09, 2023

On Stream

  • Showed off the newly hatched dragons! The koimmunity decided to name them Socks & Sandals.
  • Started working on logic for dragon egg point redemption via Streamer.Bot – originally wanted to try the C# coding feature in the bot but a bit confused on the process.
  • Reading up on point redemptions and learned THINGS, like how only the application that made the channel point reward can make edits. So channel point rewards made on Twitch can’t be edited via Streamer.Bot
  • Showed off OBS changes I was working on for when I receieve a raid with the Move Transition Plugin
  • Got a simplified version of the point redeem workflow in Streamer.Bot but think it might be easier to do in KoishiBot lol
  • Wendell won the Raffle Point redeem and picked out a new egg from the desert!
  • A rare Cobra sighting to quickly ask all the questions and then he abandoned me 🙁
  • Tested the WriteTodaysStreamDate to see if that works, which is should when stream ends, and it does lol
  • Adding Serilog to write logs to files and be able to easily pinpoint when/why the program crashes.
  • Screenshot is reaction for the message when failing the dragon egg roll, “But on the way back they tripped and the egg broke D:”
ElysiaGriffin Twitch Stream


Stream Duration: 7h38m
Average Viewership: 51
Max Viewers: 79
Live Views: 1,259

Unique Chatters: 66
Followers: 25
Subscriptions: 2
Bits & Tips: 0

Elysia Griffin Twitch Stats for March 9, 2023

Gratitude Board

  • Thanks Dragonflytru_1 for 62 months of subbage!
  • Thanks FaffinAboot for 3 months of subadubs!
  • Thanks GeorgeSmileyFace for the sneaky prime sub!
  • Thanks YoshiVB for pointing me in the right direction with CSS for crispy pixels
  • Thanks ZeldaMomoe for helping test raid feature again
  • Thanks BraveCobra2 for the tips and dash 😂
  • Thanks HAMhamReborn for helping test point redemption & Serilog
  • Thanks CodedBeard for helping with Serilog


Thanks to the suggestion of yours truly, we sent the koimmunity over to hang out with MarcMagus! Today he was doing something a little different from his indie gameplay, he was prepping notes for a Scottish Country Dance Ball! If you are in the Boston area and you’ve been curious about English Country, Scottish Country AND/OR Contra dancing, consider checking out the July 2023 ESCape Event hosted at a cozy camp in the woods.

Also fun fact, did you know they wear ballet-esque shoes called Ghillies for Scottish Country Dance? Today I learned!

MarcMagus Twitch Stream

Next Stream

Next stream will be on Friday, March 9, 2023 at 1PM UK.


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