Stream Summary

March 03, 2023

On Stream

  • Learned how to pronounce elf in Welsh thanks to Dan lol
  • Testing out the new (old?) 55m/5m Stream Pomodoro timer! Excited that Twitch has given streamers the option for having 1 hour of no prerolls in exchange for 3 minutes of ads. I switched to the 35m/5m Pomodoro back in October to work with the ad manager but the timing was not super ideal.
  • Looking at adding isEnabled bool logic for Attendance Module
  • Oh snap, a HYPE TRAIN LVL 4 HYPE! Thanks for the support ♥
  • Added a button for the Attendance Enable/Disable that does nothing because I’m not sure how I want to implement it yet.
  • Voicecall with BraveCobra2 to get some of the things I’ve been stuck on sorted out!
  • Added two instances of TwitchClient so now messages get posted in chat via Koishibuh and API requests are made through my account.
  • Added the Event Pubsub that needed to be done via DI
  • Trying to figure out a bug where DBContext is being used at the same time, ended up needing a factory to get it fixed.


Stream Duration: 12h33m
Average Viewership: 51
Max Viewers: 98
Live Views: 2088

Unique Chatters: 111
Followers: 37
Subscriptions: 34
Bits & Tips: 1300

Gratitude Board

  • Reached a level 4 hype train! 🚂
  • TheBookSnail for the bits
  • Mgtwt for the subadub
  • HerrLapsus for the bits
  • Annonymous for the gifting a sub
  • WendelScardua for the bits
  • Quasky for the gifted subs and bits
  • CmdrEllyll for the bits
  • Matty_TwoShoes for the gifted subs
  • Spacey3D for the bits
  • Jeaniesam for the bits
  • Rurutu for the gifted sub
  • Magnetron for the raid! He recently started learning how to code Unity games on stream!
  • BraveCobra2 for helping on KoishiBot!


Thanks to the suggestion of yours truly because it was 1AM by the time we wrapped up stream, I sent the koimmunity over to hang out with Instafluff! He was working on parsing IRC chat that totally has something to do with reworking his Twitch overlays 😂 Instaluff is an amazing Javascript Typescript dev that has created so many comfy tools for the Twitch community, check out his Github!

Next Stream

Next stream will be on Monday, March 6, 2023 at 1PM UK.


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