Stream Summary

January 31, 2023

On Stream

  • Realized previous day’s bug was due to the fact that I forgot to await a method so it didn’t finish setting values in API client
  • Thought I put the wrong scopes variable, changed it, went on about what a silly mistake that was but then CodedBeard pointed out that it was indeed the correct variable 😅
  • THE BOT CONNECTS! Except not exactly because it wont post a chat message to confirm the OnConnect event handler worked.
  • Sorted out list of event handlers
  • Got the error message: “Unaccounted for: NOTICE * :Login unsuccessful (please create a TwitchLib GitHub issue :P)” – haha, thanks TwitchLib devs that 😛 is taunting me
  • Spent 2 hours trying to figure out why we get the login unsuccessful error message. My original iteration of the bot connects fine and gut feels tells me it has something to do with scopes as it does not give me a webpage to authorize the bot on my account. I copy-pasted two urls to compare and.. turns out I spelt the authorization url with “scopes” instead of “scope”. Removed that single character, the bot connects and posts a message in chat. *rage silently*
  • Laugh at the silly message that displays during connection from Twitch, “You are in a maze of twisty passages, all alike”
  • Spent the remainder of stream drawing out logic after receiving chat message to figure out what classes I need to make.


Averaged 36 viewers over 7h36m with 64 chatty kois!

Stream Stats for January 31, 2023

Gratitude Board

  • Thanks to HonestDanGames for being my rubber duck 😂
  • CodedBeard for catching the not-really-a-typo


Thanks to the suggestion of FaffinABoot, the koimmunity voted to hang out with AnthonyWritesCode, a python dev, as he was working on adding canary deploys to – a service for error tracking and performance monitoring.

Next Stream

Next stream will be on February 2, 2023 1PM UK time to continue the bot journey! See ya then!

❤ Elysia


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