Programing FAQ

Here’s a list of frequently asked questions I get on stream about programming 😄


IDE: Visual Studio 2022
VS Theme: Dracula (Modified)
VS Font: JetBrains Mono
Git GUI: SourceTree
Notetaking: Obsidian (Previously used Trilium)
View my public repos on Github here

What are you coding?

My main project is KoishiBot, a twitch bot for my stream channel! I have a lot of ideas that are difficult to do using the standard bots, so I wanted to make a custom solution. Sometimes you’ll see me fixing code for the website or making little utility tools that help with my workflow.

When did you start coding?

I started learning how to code live on stream on November 7, 2022 using the free Microsoft Learn C# Course. I did not have any coding experience prior – just some basic knowledge of html/css.

(While Microsoft did not give me a fancy completion certificate, I at least have this 100% completion screenshot to prove it lol)

How did you get into coding?

The TLDR version: I felt like a burden asking my husband & code-savvy friends for custom stream tools. After I started ADHD medication in October 2022, I decided to try to learn code – medication really have helped make it easier for me to stay focused and process text easier.

Do you know any other languages?

C# is my first and main programming language I’m working in at the moment. I did learn some basic PHP while making this WordPress theme, tinkered with Go for Google Scripts & a tiny bit of Javascript for modifying stream overlays. I would eventually like to properly learn JS/Typescript to work on web things.

Why did you decide to use C#?

I have pretty poor vision (-4.50 in both eyes!) and before investing in laser eye surgery, I thought I would try learning how to code in C# first.
Jokes aside, my husband wrote my previous Twitchbot in C# and although he codes in C++ for Unreal, I figured it would be easier to use a language that he was familiar with in case I had questions.

Why are you using WPF?

Since the previous version of my bot was written in Winform, I thought I might try using WPF as the next step up. I only have plans for it to be a desktop application (not a fan of mobile apps and I only use Windows) so I didn’t see the need to try MAUI.

Any plans to get a job in the industry?

Nope lol. Coding is a fun (?) hobby for me and I’d imagine the moment I do it for a job, I would absolutely hate it.

You should: learn __, use__, try Chat [redacted]!

No. Especially since you said I should. 😤

Regarding the AI project that shall not be named, while it can be a nice resource, I enjoy the satisfaction of making something with my own hands. For asking it questions, I have no doubt that the AI will confidently give me an incorrect answer. And finally, I’m tired of hearing about it and I just refuse to use it.

Why do you use _underscores?

Disappointingly, no one actually asks this, but I wanted to share my reasoning as I think its funny 😆

I was pretty neutral with private variable names – I didn’t care either way but would delete the underscore whenever VS would auto complete names for me. While watching SingletonSean videos, I noticed the occasional YouTube comment disapproving of the poor underscore. It wasn’t until I came across a StackOverflow thread where a user commented several times how UGLY underscores were and should not be taught, that I decided at that moment.. I would start using them. To upset the very people who feel they are helping coders see the errors in their ways. How does it feel to find out you’ve done the exact opposite of what you were trying to accomplish‽‽‽

Screenshots of comments on the internet regarding the use of underscores in private variable names

Last updated: August 12, 2023