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Orlando Dog Mom
The Premiere Pet Specialist in Orlando, FL

The Premiere Pet Specialist in Orlando, FL'>

Orlando Dog Mom

If youve yet to make exercise into a daily habit for New Years, today would be the perfect day to do so – February 22 is “Walking the Dog Day”! Instead of spending your free time binge watching Netflix, how about taking Fido out for a walk around the neighborhood. Imagine how exciting itll be:

The familiar and new sights, sounds, and ALL THE SMELLS! Who is that jogging towards us – a NEW BEST FRIEND? Oh no, theyre wearing a hat, STRANGER DANGER. How about we run so we can indulge in MORE TREATS! The sun is shining, sooo many squirrels and I love that I get to spent the best day of my life with YOU!

Not only does all that mental stimulation and social interaction help raise a well rounded pup, but youll reap all sorts of health benefits too! Plus, youll even be happier knowing that youre less likely to come home to find your favorite shoes a victim of doggy boredom.

However, with our hectic busy schedules, we cant always give our furbabies the attention they need everyday. Thats when you can count on Myriam, the Orlando Dog Mom to save the day – and your shoes!


Myriam is a premiere pet care specialist and owner of Orlando Dog Mom servicing Orlando, FL. Prior to becoming a small business owner, she too knew of the worry and uncertainty pet parents have while at work as their fur babies spend the day home alone.

I wonder what Fido is doing? Does he need to go out? Did I put my shoes away? I hope I dont have to post a dog shaming photo later..

Shortly after she adopted her ODM mascot, Prince, she took that leap of faith, leaving her corporate job to fulfill her dream of spending her day cuddling dogs providing an exceptional dog walking & pet sitting service that would bring peace of mind to pet parents. Although, not gonna lie, cuddling dogs is definitely part of the job description ;)


Its no surprise that with her fun personality and animal magnetism, Myriam has created a successful and flourishing business walking many of Orlando’s cutest dogs. How do I know this? Check out her Instagram! The daily posts of smiling fluffy faces is a testament of how much our local pups are enjoying her company!


While being a dog walker sounds like an easy job, her work hours are no different than the average 9-5! She spends her day driving around town to her clients homes, where shes enthusiastically greeted with wagging tails, ready to be leashed up and explore the neighborhood.

Oh cant forget the doggie bags to help “take care of business” – the least glamorous but inpootant and necessary part of the job haha.


Heading out of town for an extended period of time and unfortunately have to leave Fido home? Instead of boarding them up in an unfamiliar stressful environment, let them enjoy the comfort of their own home!

Orlando Dog Mom offers pet sitting services where she visits your pup at least 3 times a day, making sure they get their daily dose of undivided love and attention.

Of course all her clients, regardless of whether theyre work for the day or out of town for the weekend, all look forward to receiving a gallery of images featuring their beloved canine along with a “Repawt Card” that details what they did on their adventures that day.


Even though shes established herself as the Orlando DOG Mom, Myriam does visit a few cool cats who very much enjoy her company. Since we dont have a dog (yet haha), I did ask about if she had considered walking other pets, like our bearded dragon. She said she’d like to keep her walking companions the four legged furry kind – sorry Calcifer ;)

So are you looking for a dog walker who will treat your best fur friend like family? I would highly recommend Myriam as my personal choice! Be sure to check out her website for rates and more info at orlandodogmom.com


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